About us

For 20 years, Teledyne AnaFocus has partnered with a fast growing portfolio of new customers to co-develop a range of truly innovative customized CMOS imagers.

Teledyne AnaFocus is a supplier of standard off-the-shelf and customized high performance, high quality vision and CMOS sensor technology for the industrial, professional, scientific, medical and high end surveillance markets.

Teledyne AnaFocus was acquired by Teledyne e2v in September 2014, becoming a key part of its Imaging division under the Professional Imaging group.

Based in the Scientific and Technological Park CARTUJA in Seville (SPAIN), Teledyne AnaFocus employs 70 engineers and technicians with facilities including optical test labs, qualification labs and clean room facilities for image sensor wafer sort and packaged sample test. It also has access to the Teledyne e2v group expertise in high performance imaging solutions.

Teledyne AnaFocus has provided commercial and technical support through its own employees in Tokyo, Japan since 2006. Teledyne AnaFocus works for top-tier camera makers worldwide developing innovative image and vision sensor solutions for various application sectors.

A top priority at Teledyne AnaFocus is to carefully understand customer needs and provide timely and exceptional solutions. This has resulted in a number of great success stories; with all customers for custom image sensor solutions repeating business with Teledyne AnaFocus on two or more occasions.

Teledyne AnaFocus has the ability to develop on-chip solutions combining:

  • High sensitivity, low noise pixels based on pinned photodiode technology; global and rolling shutter with linear and HDR sensing
  • Advanced analog front end circuits for reading and digitizing the pixels at high speed and with very low noise
  • Area and power efficient digital processors performing optical corrections (FPN correction, shading correction, defective pixel correction, color processing) on the images, in real time, before being outputted through high speed LVDS ports or conventional CMOS ports
  • Sophisticated control logic, such as on-chip microcontrollers that simplify the communication with the sensor and provide great flexibility

Camera Development

In addition to its CMOS image sensor design and production capabilities, Teledyne AnaFocus employs an experienced engineering team with over 15 members. The team are experts in the development of complex camera hardware, FPGA firmware and software and real time image processing algorithms. This team, together with dedicated project management and a specialized product engineering team, work closely with the customers’ engineering teams during the whole camera development cycle: from concept to commercialization.