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AnaFocus to display the first worldwide commercial CMOS Vision System on-Chip (VSoC) at ISS 2010 trade-show in Yokohama, Japan

Coinciding with the Imaging Sensing Show ISS’10 trade-show in Yokohama AnaFocus will present the first commercial Vision System on-a-chip (VSoC), the Eye-RIS VSoC.

The Eye-RIS vision systems are designed using a novel patented architecture in which image-processing is performed following a hierarchical approach with two levels: early- and post-processing.

Image sensing and early-processing is accomplished using a special type of CMOS Image Sensor in which each pixel comprehends an optical sensor, analogue and binary processors and memory. In result each pixel can both sense the corresponding spatial sample of the image and process this data in cooperation with other pixels.

Image post-processing is accomplished using 32-bit microprocessor.

The combination of massive parallel mixed-mode (analog & digital) early-processing and digital post-processing renders to Eye-RIS vision systems image-processing capabilities and speed comparable to high-end conventional vision systems.

Several demonstrators will be operative at the booth illustrating the operation of Eye-RIS vision system on-chip.