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AnaFocus to introduce LINCE5M high-speed 5.2 Mpxl CMOS Sensor for machine vision and intelligent transportation systems at ISS 2012 trade-show in Yokohama, Japan

AnaFocus will present the new LINCE5M high-speed 5.2 Megapixels CMOS sensor for machine vision and intelligent transportation systems at the Imaging Sensing Show ISS’12 trade-show in Yokohama.

Lince5M is a digital high-speed image sensor designed for excellent performance in a large variety of applications ranging from low-noise high-dinamic range surveillance, to high-speed high-resolution machine vision.

Lince5M incorporates a high-speed 5.2Mpxl CMOS active-pixel image sensor providing global electronic shutter and High Dynamic Range (HDR) features.

The sensor array utilizes active CMOS pixels with pinned photodiodes to deliver high image quality whilst maintaining the size, cost and integration advantages of CMOS process.

The pixel response can be configured for either linear light response with 61dB or for high dynamic range piecewise linear response with more than 100dB dynamic range; both with global shutter operation.

A camera based on LINCE5M will be displayed at the booth demostrating the operation of the sensor at high speed.

About AnaFocus

AnaFocus is a Spanish corporation specialized in the design and production of CMOS system-on-chip solutions combining state-of-the-art image sensor technology with sophisticated optical callibration and image-processing and standard high-speed data communication. Standard solutions for industrial, surveillance and scientific applications as well as customization services are available at