ELITE4k2k hybrid CMOS sensor

ELITE hybrid CMOS sensor is a Hybrid CMOS Sensor high speed, low noise, digital multi-line scan CMOS image sensor designed to excel in monochrome and color automatic optical inspection tasks. This includes print inspection, check scanning, electronics manufacturing, food sorting, and medical (OCT, tissue diagnostics etc.).

The ELITE sensor includes a 4k/2k array of pixels based on high sensitivity, low noise pinned photodiodes, and high speed readout path. The sensor has been designed to be very flexible and supports a variety of alternative configuration modes including two horizontal spatial resolutions in each model, square or rectangular pixel size, and one or multiple line operation in one device.

Typical applications

  • Food sorting
  • Document scanning, print inspection
  • Flat panel display
  • Check scanning
  • Electronics manufacturing
  • Medical (OCT, tissue diagnostics etc.)