CMOS image sensors

Teledyne AnaFocus CMOS image CCD and CMOS Image Sensorsensors combine best-in-class proprietary pixel and digital output readout circuitry, rivalling the image quality of the finest CCD and CMOS image sensors in the world, with sophisticated digital logic providing with complete camera functionality onto a single chip solution.

Some of the basic building blocks typically incorporated into Teledyne AnaFocus CMOS image sensors:

  • High sensitivity, ultra low noise pinned photodiode pixels in multiple configurations: from VGA to 25Mpxl resolution, from 3µm to 45µm pixel pitch, rolling and global electronic shutter as well as more sophisticated proprietary pixel topologies for gated sensing, Time of Flight (ToF) sensing and TDI CMOS
  • Proprietary ultra high speed, low noise readout channels employing single tap or multi tap topologies with throughput as large as tens of Giga-pixels/second and accuracy ranging from 10 to 16-bit
  • Low noise on chip voltage, current and clock reference generators minimizing the need for external components
  • Multiple high speed communication ports including LVDS drivers up to 1Ghz, CMOS parallel data ports, SPI, UARTs, video ports and special blocks providing sensor-to-PHY direct connectivity (no FPGA needed) for some popular protocols such as Camera Link and USB 3.0
  • On chip micro controller simplifying the management of the internal sensor registers and supporting the real time calculation of statistics using the image data
  • On chip network of image processors (NoIP) performing in real time sophisticated functions such as white balance, black balance, optical PRNU/DSNU/shading compensation to provide ready to use, clear, and vivid images under the most severe working conditions.

The smart combination of the previous building blocks results in CMOS image sensors with image quality satisfying the most demanding applications and with unprecedented levels of functionality helping to remarkably simplify the systems hosting said image sensors.

Types of image sensors where Teledyne AnaFocus has developed the highest experience and owns a rich portfolio of intellectual property includes:

  • Ultra high speed image sensors for scientific, motion analysis and automotive crash test
  • Ultra low noise sensors for night vision, scientific and high end surveillance applications
  • Time of Flight image sensors for industrial and commercial applications
  • Ultra high speed 3D laser displacement image and vision sensors
  • TDI high speed, high sensitivity CMOS image sensors

In addition to the image sensor, the Teledyne AnaFocus team provides customers with highly educated support to select the most suitable camera hardware/firmware/software configuration, lens and lighting system to get the very best from the image sensor.

Our CMOS image sensor design, production and delivery methodology has been refined and proven through many projects in cooperation with the most demanding customers all over the world and in various CMOS processes. Such methodology includes the availability of a software emulation tool permitting customers to evaluate, right from the beginning of the development project, the configuration and expected quality of the image sensor under all possible operating conditions.